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15 results

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Ancient Warrior 3 alternate versions


World View, World Beat, African, Acoustic, Dramatic, Ethnic, World, Suspense, Adventure, Ancient, Anxious, Cinematic, Determined, Drama, Driving, Drums, Earthy, Ecology, Eerie, Energy, Fear, Global, Hits, Horror, Intense, Menacing, Motion, Mysterious, Organic, Percussion, Rainforest, Scary, Sinister, Speed, Strings, Strong, Tension, Thriller, Tough, Trailers, Underscore, Urgent, Wildlife, Winds, Cinematic, Asian, Trailer, Tribal


Distant Memories 1 alternate version


Discovery, Atmosphere, Downtempo, World Beat, Hybrid, Electronic, Ethnic, World, Ambient, Ancient, Breezy, Commercials, Confident, Cool, Discovery, Dreams, Dreamy, Earthy, Electric Piano, Ethereal, Exotic, Floating, Global, Harp, Innovation, Learning, Mystical, Nature, Organic, Peaceful, Rainforest, Scenic, Textural, Underscore, Warm, Xylophone, Discovery, Asian


Earths Discovery 3 alternate versions


World View, Unplugged, World Beat, Acoustic, Folk, World, Eclectic, Ambient, Ancient, Commercials, Confident, Documentary, Earthy, Ecology, Environment, Euphoric, Exotic, Freedom, Global, Guitar, Marimba, Mysterious, Mystical, Nature, Organic, Peaceful, Percussion, Piano, Positive, Rainforest, Reflective, Relaxed, Rhythmic, Underscore, Uplifting, Wildlife, Asian


Far Side Of The World 5 alternate versions


World View, World Beat, Japanese, Ethnic, World, Corporate, Atmospheric, Commercials, Discovery, Financial, Floating, Global, Happy, Human, Innovation, Inspirational, Lush, Magical, Peaceful, Percussion, Positive, Pretty, Proud, Scenic, Shimmering, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Uplifting, Inquisitive, Discovery, Asian


Gardens Of The East 5 alternate versions


World View, Atmosphere, Modern, Vocal, World Beat, New Age, Ethnic, Orchestral Hybrid, Eclectic, Atmospheric, Beauty, Breezy, Commercials, Delicate, Dreams, Dreamy, Elements, Ethereal, Fantasy, Floating, Introspective, Majestic, Nature, Peaceful, Percussion, Piano, Rainforest, Reflective, Relaxed, Scenic, Seasons, Strings, Sunset, Underscore, Inquisitive, Asian


Missing Link 4 alternate versions


World View, World Beat, New Age, Acoustic, Ethnic, Orchestral Hybrid, World, News, Adventure, Ancient, Breezy, Delicate, Discovery, Dreamy, Floating, Global, Human, Introspective, Lifestyle, Light, Marimba, Motion, Percussion, Pulsing, Strings, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery, Asian


Mist On The River 5 alternate versions


Art of Underscore, World Beat, Acoustic, Dramatic, Folk, World, Suspense, Breezy, Building, Cool, Delicate, Determined, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Floating, Guitar, Haunting, Human, Investigative, Light, Magical, Mysterious, Mystery, Mystical, Ominous, Organic, Pulsing, Solemn, Storytelling, Underscore, Discovery, Asian


No Place For Strangers 5 alternate versions


Art of Underscore, World Beat, Acoustic, Country, Dramatic, World, Eclectic, Suspense, Breezy, Building, Cool, Delicate, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Emotional, Family, Floating, Guitar, Human, Insistent, Introspective, Ominous, Organic, Percussion, Pulsing, Shimmering, Storytelling, Tension, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery, Asian


Out of The Darkness 3 alternate versions


Intrigue, World Beat, Japanese, Dramatic, Ethnic, World, Suspense, Action Sports, Adventure, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Dangerous, Determined, Discovery, Driving, Drums, Energy, Insistent, Investigative, Mysterious, Mystery, Ominous, Percussion, Powerful, Punchy, Racing, Sinister, Speed, Tension, Thriller, Trailers, Underscore, Cinematic, Discovery, Action Sports, Asian, Oriental, Trailer


Secret Passage 3 alternate versions


Intrigue, World Beat, Electronic, Ethnic, Orchestral Hybrid, Eclectic, Orchestral, Ambient, Commercials, Confident, Current, Delicate, Detective, Discovery, Documentary, Dreamy, Drums, Earthy, Espionage, Exotic, Fantasy, Feature Film, Film, Global, High-End, Introspective, Investigative, Learning, Magical, Majestic, Marimba, Mysterious, Mystical, Organic, Piano, Progress, Progressive, Proud, Pulsing, Punchy, Scenic, Strings, Textural, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery, Asian, Oriental


Slow Boat 3 alternate versions


World View, World Beat, Indian, Trip-hop, Dramatic, Ethnic, World, Orchestral, Adventure, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Confident, Discovery, Documentary, Dreams, Dreamy, Ecology, Environment, Exotic, Global, Introspective, Investigative, Magical, Mysterious, Mystical, Nature, Organic, Percussion, Piano, Reflective, Rhythmic, Strings, Underscore, Cinematic, Discovery, Asian


Small Tribe 1 alternate version


Big Drums, World Beat, African, Ethnic, World, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Cinematic, Commercials, Confident, Determined, Driving, Drums, Energy, Global, Inspirational, Motion, Motivational, Optimistic, Percussion, Positive, Proud, Trailers, Triumphant, Underscore, Cinematic, Asian, Trailer