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162 results

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Cataclysm 7 alternate versions


Cinematic, Modern Classical Music, Dramatic, Orchestral, Action, Brass, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Dangerous, Determined, Drums, Exciting, Feature Film, Film, Motivational, Piano, Powerful, Satisfied, Strings, Thriller, Trailers, Urgent, Cinematic


Chimera 7 alternate versions


Cinematic, Dramatic, Electronic, Orchestral Hybrid, Orchestral, Suspense, Ambient, Brass, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Danger, Dangerous, Dark, Drama, Drums, Evil, Feature Film, Film, Haunting, Introspective, Menacing, Ominous, Powerful, Promos, Sinister, Strings, Strong, Tense, Tension, Trailers, Cinematic


First Daylight 2 alternate versions


A powerful and epic anthem with flutes and brass to name a few, that wouldn't feel out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster


Forget Me Not 8 alternate versions


Jazzy, Ballad, Period, Jazz, Vintage, Brass, Chic, Clarinet, Commercials, Cool, Feature Film, Film, Film Noir, Laidback, Piano, Relaxed, Romantic, Satisfied, Underscore, Winds


High Command 6 alternate versions


Cinematic, Dramatic, Electronic, Orchestral Hybrid, Orchestral, Suspense, Brass, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Confident, Determined, Epic, Exciting, Feature Film, Film, Heroic, Inspirational, Majestic, Percussion, Piano, Powerful, Promos, Trailers, Triumphant, Underscore, Cinematic


Spread The Word 5 alternate versions


Jazzy, Ballad, Swing, Period, Jazz, Vintage, Bouncy, Brass, Carefree, Cheerful, Chic, Commercials, Cool, Feature Film, Film, Fun, Happy, Jazzy, Piano, Promos, Satisfied, Sophisticated, Underscore, Uplifting, Winds, Jazzy


Swing Of Things 4 alternate versions


Jazzy, Swing, Period, Jazz, Vintage, Bold, Brass, Celebration, Commercials, Cool, Determined, Double Upright Bass, Dynamic, Exciting, Feature Film, Festive, Film, Fun, Jazzy, Piano, Promos, Underscore, Winds, Jazzy


The Witching Hour 4 alternate versions


Jazzy, Lounge, Swing, Period, Jazz, Vintage, Brass, Chic, Commercials, Confident, Cool, Double Upright Bass, Feature Film, Film, Fun, Jazzy, Piano, Positive, Promos, Proud, Slick, Sophisticated, Underscore, Winds, Jazzy


Brought Back To Life 12 alternate versions


Emotive , Modern Classical Music, Dramatic, Orchestral, Beauty, Brass, Building, Commercials, Drama, Dreams, Emotion, Emotional, Introspective, Moody, Mystical, Strings, Underscore


Cumbia Rica 7 alternate versions


Acoustic, Dramatic, Accordion, Brass, Carefree, Celebration, Claps, Commercials, Confident, Determined, Drama, Exotic, Feature Film, Festive, Film, Fun, Lifestyle, Mysterious, Percussion, Positive, Promos, Romantic, Sexy, Travel, Trumpet, Uplifting, Vacation, Acoustic Guitar, Hand Claps, Romance, Electric Guitar


Deja 7 alternate versions


Acoustic, Brass, Breezy, Celebration, Commercials, Discovery, Drama, Emotion, Emotional, Exotic, Feature Film, Festive, Laidback, Lifestyle, Optimistic, Organic, Positive, Romantic, Sitcom, Strings, Travel, Violin, Discovery, Vacation, Acoustic Guitar, Pizzicato Strings, Vocals - Female, Vocals - Lyric


Dejame 7 alternate versions


Acoustic, Dramatic, Brass, Breezy, Commercials, Drama, Emotion, Emotional, Exotic, Feature Film, Laidback, Lifestyle, Optimistic, Positive, Romantic, Sentimental, Strings, Travel, Underscore, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Female, Romance, Hopeful, Vocals - Lyric


Depths Of Courage