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12 results

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Beauty On The Inside 5 alternate versions


Inspire, Acoustic, Dramatic, Contemporary Piano, Orchestral Hybrid, Building, Conflict, Dark, Delicate, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Emotional, Ethereal, Human, Introspective, Piano, Reflective, Somber, Storytelling, Underscore


Blockade 5 alternate versions


Big Drums, Dramatic, Orchestral, Bold, Cinematic, Confident, Conflict, Determined, Discovery, Drama, Drums, Empowerment, Energy, Human, Military, Motion, Patriotic, Percussion, Powerful, Punchy, Rhythmic, Tense, Tension, Trailers, Underscore, War, Fight, Cinematic, Discovery, Trailer


Days Of Sorrow 8 alternate versions


Inspire, Modern, Vocal, Acoustic, Dramatic, Contemporary Piano, Orchestral Hybrid, Orchestral, Building, Conflict, Dark, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Emotional, Freedom, Heartbreak, Human, Introspective, Melancholy, Powerful, Reflective, Sad, Sentimental, Solemn, Somber, Tense, Trailers, Underscore, Trailer


Get Up 5 alternate versions


Decadence, Rap, Urban, Vocal, Remix, Dramatic, Electronic, Groove, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Aggressive, Bold, Confident, Conflict, Dark, Determined, Drama, Driving, Empowerment, Fitness, Guitar, Hard, Heavy, Human, Intense, Ominous, Pop Rock, Powerful, Progress, Punchy, Rock Band, Strings, Tense, Tension, Triumphant, Underscore


Lost 5 alternate versions


Home, Indie, Hybrid, Dramatic, Folk, Eclectic, Suspense, Building, Conflict, Cool, Dark, Daytime, Drama, Electric Piano, Emotion, Emotional, Guitar, Heartbreak, Human, Menacing, Ominous, Progressive, Reality, Sad, Solemn, Somber, Trailers, Underscore, Trailer


Lost In The Hills 5 alternate versions


Tattoo, Atmosphere, Drones, Americana, Country, Folk, Anticipation, Atmospheric, Conflict, Dawn, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Guitar, Haunting, Human, Moody, Mysterious, Nashville, Ominous, Sinister, Slide, Storytelling, Tense, Tension, Underscore


Pushing Limits 9 alternate versions


Elias Hybrid, Rocktronica, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Electronic, Rock, Action Sports, Aggressive, Bold, Confident, Conflict, Danger, Dangerous, Dark, Determined, Drama, Driving, Empowerment, Energy, Fear, Hard, Heavy, Intense, Mean, Menacing, Pop Rock, Powerful, Progress, Punchy, Rock Band, Sports, Triumphant, Underscore, Fight, Action Sports, Heavy Rock


Ragga Reaction 4 alternate versions


Decadence, Dubstep, Reggae, Vocal, Dub, IDM, Electronic, Groove, Action, Bold, Confident, Conflict, Determined, Discovery, Drums, Elements, Future, Hard, Heavy, Hypnotic, Introspective, Motion, Mysterious, Pop Rock, Progress, Proud, Tense, Tension, Underscore, Youth, Discovery, World Techno


Redemption 5 alternate versions


Inspire, Brit Pop, Classic Rock, Vocal, Dramatic, Rock, Contemporary Piano, Breezy, Building, Conflict, Cool, Dark, Determined, Drama, Drums, Electric Piano, Emotion, Emotional, Floating, Human, Introspective, Melancholy, Piano, Progressive, Reflective, Sad, Solemn, Somber, Storytelling, Underscore


Rockin Wrangler 7 alternate versions


Crash Course, Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Rock, Bold, Commercials, Conflict, Dark, Determined, Driving, Human, Introspective, Nashville, Natural, Pop Rock, Powerful, Rock Band, Sinister, Strings, Underscore, Youth, Heavy Rock


So Wrong Its Right 5 alternate versions


Art of Underscore, Drones, Experimental, Hybrid, Rock Hybrid, Dramatic, Rock, Suspense, Bold, Building, Conflict, Dangerous, Dark, Determined, Drama, Fear, Hard, Heavy, Human, Introspective, Laidback, Pop Rock, Rock Band, Sinister, Storytelling, Tense, Tension, Underscore


Stand Back 11 alternate versions


Crash Course, Glitch, Rocktronica, Hard Rock, Hybrid, Dramatic, Electronic, Aggressive, Bold, Confident, Conflict, Danger, Dangerous, Determined, Disaster, Drama, Driving, Electro, Empowerment, Energy, Evil, Future, Hard, Heavy, Motion, Mysterious, Pop Rock, Powerful, Progress, Punchy, Raunchy, Rock Band, Solemn, Somber, Tense, Tension, Turmoil, Underscore, Heavy Rock

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