State Farm Born To Assist

Agency: Translation, New York


The agency originally requested a light-hearted, quirky, inspiring score, that was quite minimal as the commercial contained a narrative throughout.  The music needed to engage the viewer, drawing them into the story.  It also had to appeal to a wide demographic as the State Farm customer base ranges from 20-70 years.


The music had to be thematic and adaptable, as it would potentially be used across a wider campaign with multiple storylines and various emotional reinterpretations.  We researched a selection of our best score from Felt Production Music, before commissioning a Felt composer to adapt an exisiting piece to State Farm's exact requirements.


As with all subjective musical briefs of this calibre, we constructed an audio mood board to determine the style, tempo and mood. We edited all tracks to picture and presented them to client. The client fell deeply in love with an exisiting Felt Production Music track written by top score composer Lorenzo Piggici.  However, it was essential for State Farm to have an exclusive sonic identity.  To solve this, Lorenzo amended the piece with new motifs and other compositional enhancements that would ensure that it became the unique signifier of the State Farm brand. 


The campaign has been a huge success airing on prime time television across America. Our production music exceeded the client’s expectations and succeeded in delivering a distinct brand campaign identity.  Lorenzo has subsequently re-scored the original piece eight times over three additional campaigns for State Farm and a further campaign is expected to launch Christmas Day 2014.  The original piece was the recent winner of Music and Sound Awards International, Best Use of Music in Television Advertising 2014.

The original campaign was the winner of Music and Sound Award's International - Best Use of Production Music in Television Advertising 2014.