An organic collection of tracks that capture the nuances and convey the true experience of the human condition.
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Life Stories Vol. 2 (19) tracks

An organic collection of tracks that capture the nuances and convey the true experience of the human condition.

Most Urgent 12 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Minimalist, Modern Classical Music, Dramatic, Orchestral, Anticipation, Anxious, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Discovery, Drama, Dreams, Emotion, Film, Innovation, Insistent, Investigative, Light, Minimalism, Moody, Mysterious, Mystery, Promos, Quirky, Shimmering, Storytelling, Strings, Trailers, Underscore, Urgent, Whimsical, Winds, Inquisitive, Cinematic, Discovery


Behind Your Eyes 6 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Contemporary Piano, Eclectic, Anticipation, Cello, Commercials, Delicate, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Dreamy, Emotion, Floating, Heavenly, High-End, Introspective, Optimistic, Peaceful, Piano, Pretty, Reflective, Romantic, Sentimental, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Violin


Brick By Brick 8 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Minimalist, Electronic, Contemporary Piano, Orchestral Hybrid, Building, Celeste, Discovery, Documentary, Emotion, Emotional, Future, Innovation, Introspective, Learning, Light, Minimalism, Ominous, Piano, Reflective, Storytelling, Strings, Technology, Textural, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


A Serious Expression 5 alternate versions


Emotive, Acoustic, Dramatic, Eclectic, Anticipation, Anxious, Building, Busy, Cello, Determined, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Guitar, Human, Introspective, Investigative, Organic, Pulsing, Storytelling, Tense, Tension, Underscore, Violin, Inquisitive, Discovery


Awakening 4 alternate versions


Emotive, Dramatic, Orchestral, Beauty, Cinematic, Dawn, Delicate, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Dreamy, Emotion, Emotional, Ethereal, Film, Human, Lush, Majestic, Mystery, Reflective, Resolution, Scenic, Solemn, Somber, Storytelling, Strings, Trailers, Underscore, Cinematic


Sands Of Time 8 alternate versions


Emotive, Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Atmospheric, Commercials, Dawn, Documentary, Drama, Dreamy, Emotion, Ethereal, Family, Guitar, Home, Human, Introspective, Melancholy, Moody, Organic, Peaceful, Piano, Reflective, Relaxed, Somber, Storytelling, Underscore, Home


Coping With The Grief 6 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Vocal, Dramatic, Contemporary Piano, Suspense, Ambient, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Dark, Dawn, Discovery, Drama, Emotion, Emotional, Fantasy, Floating, Introspective, Investigative, Melancholy, Mysterious, Mystery, Mystical, Ominous, Piano, Promos, Reflective, Solemn, Storytelling, Tragedy, Trailers, Underscore, Cinematic, Discovery


Levitation 12 alternate versions


Emotive, Atmosphere, Drones, Modern, Electronic, Sound Design, Ambient, Atmospheric, Breezy, Building, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Dreamy, Ethereal, Fantasy, Floating, Future, Heavenly, High-End, Minimalism, Peaceful, Piano, Relaxed, Shimmering, Sparse, Textural, Underscore, Discovery


Ask Me No Questions 10 alternate versions


Emotive, Dramatic, Folk, Eclectic, Suspense, Building, Cello, Determined, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Floating, Guitar, Human, Introspective, Investigative, Mysterious, Mystery, Ominous, Organic, Pulsing, Storytelling, Strings, Tense, Tension, Underscore, Discovery


Apprehension 4 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Dramatic, Orchestral Hybrid, Building, Chic, Cinematic, Commercials, Documentary, Drama, Electric Piano, Emotional, Empowerment, Film, Floating, Heavenly, High-End, Human, Introspective, Majestic, Moody, Promos, Reflective, Scenic, Storytelling, Strings, Tension, Trailers, Underscore, Cinematic


Amazonia 8 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Vocal, World, Eclectic, Ambient, Building, Cool, CSI, Dawn, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Floating, Innovation, Introspective, Investigative, Marimba, Moody, Mysterious, Mystery, Piano, Reflective, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


Search For Memories 10 alternate versions


Emotive, Drones, Dramatic, Folk, Atmospheric, CSI, Dark, Drama, Emotion, Ethereal, Guitar, Heartbreak, Human, Investigative, Melancholy, Moody, Mystery, Ominous, Organic, Reflective, Sad, Storytelling, Underscore


Extenuating Circumstances 6 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Dramatic, Contemporary Piano, Anxious, Building, Commercials, CSI, Delicate, Discovery, Drama, Dreams, Dreamy, Emotion, Film, Floating, Human, Introspective, Investigative, Light, Melancholy, Moody, Mystery, Ominous, Piano, Progress, Promos, Reality, Solemn, Strings, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


Miles Traveled 8 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, New Age, Electronic, Contemporary Piano, Atmospheric, Beauty, Building, Cello, Commercials, Delicate, Documentary, Dreams, Dreamy, Floating, Future, Introspective, Lush, Optimistic, Piano, Pulsing, Reflective, Resolution, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore


Crisis Of Conscience 12 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Dramatic, Electronic, Eclectic, Suspense, Ambient, Anxious, Building, Commercials, CSI, Dark, Detective, Determined, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Film, High-End, Insistent, Introspective, Investigative, Marimba, Mysterious, Mystery, Ominous, Promos, Pulsing, Reality, Strings, Tension, Trailers, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


Clouds Parting 7 alternate versions


Emotive, Modern, Minimalist, Modern Classical Music, Contemporary Piano, Orchestral Hybrid, Building, Dawn, Delicate, Discovery, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Emotional, Floating, Global, Human, Innovation, Inspirational, Light, Optimistic, Peaceful, Piano, Positive, Pulsing, Resolution, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


The Open Road 10 alternate versions


Emotive, Adult Contemporary, AC, Folk, Orchestral Hybrid, Beauty, Breezy, Building, Carefree, Commercials, Delicate, Dreams, Dreamy, Earthy, Emotion, Emotional, Family, Floating, Guitar, Happy, Heartwarming, Home, Human, Introspective, Light, Natural, Nature, Nostalgic, Organic, Percussion, Piano, Positive, Proud, Relaxed, Sentimental, Simple, Storytelling, Strings, Tender, Underscore, Inquisitive, Home


A Child's Imagination 7 alternate versions


Emotive, Vocal, Children, Comedic Quirky, Orchestral, Building, Carefree, Celeste, Cheerful, Commercials, Confident, Delicate, Dreamy, Ethereal, Family, Fantasy, Happy, Heavenly, Home, Human, Inspirational, Light, Magical, Peaceful, Percussion, Piano, Progress, Shimmering, Storytelling, Underscore, Xylophone, Youth, Home


Stepping Stones 4 alternate versions


Emotive, Acoustic, Americana, Country, Folk, Solo Instrument, Carefree, Commercials, Dawn, Documentary, Earthy, Ecology, Family, Guitar, Home, Human, Lifestyle, Light, Nature, Organic, Promos, Proud, Reflective, Relaxed, Satisfied, Simple, Solo, Storytelling, Underscore, Warm, Home