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What We Do


Original & On Brief

From full Orchestral to Hip Hop, Electronic to Country, our incredible roster of composers, artists and session musicians span the entire musical spectrum. From a formed brief or a rudimentary idea, we will work with you to deliver an authentic, original composition to Felt’s award winning standard.
A dedicated Felt music supervisor will oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that you are delighted with the final composition.


Negotiation Station

Felt’s Music Supervisors have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, past and present. Our Production and Publishing teams are experts in music rights and global exploitation. We have excellent relationships with rights owners and work closely with all relevant teams to offer a complete, well rounded service.



From soundscapes to SFX, our roster of talented sound designers capture, create and manipulate recordings to every detail.  Our designers will create naturalistic and abstract soundscapes to sonically accompany your project using the latest in sound technology. Our team will conceptualise and meticulously adjust musical elements and SFX to really give your brand or project it’s own unique audio finger print.


MCPS Production Music

Created by award winning composers and commercial artists, we offer over 20,000+ tracks and a huge selection of genres and styles. We pride ourselves on delivering consistently high production values.  Our network of over 600 composers are highly experienced and sought-after artists, producers and musicians all with a huge variety of expertise in different genres and styles. From Pop to Middle Eastern, Rock to Classical – we have the best in the business.



Johnny Johnson AKA The King Of Jingles left behind an unparalleled body of work and Felt are the proud caretakers of his entire catalogue.  By the time he retired, Johnny had totalled some 4,500 jingles, including the first ever colour TV commercial, Birdseye Frozen Peas.

Many of his most famous jingles: ‘Beanz Means Heinz’, ‘Captain Birdseye’, ‘Fairy’ and the ‘Milky Bar kid’ are all still airing today.

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